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COVID-19 rocketed telehealth services. Telebehavioral Health Institute will train and consult with you for telehealth compliance NOW. Together, we will build competent, evidence-based strategies for a sustainable FUTURE for your telehealth program.
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Yes! Telebehavioral Health Institute Can Help You, Your Group or Your Organization

Whatever your setting: university, college, community mental health organization, chemical dependency treatment group, crisis intervention team, primary care office, medical team, residential treatment facility — whoever you are, wherever you are, and whatever your priorities, the Telebehavioral Health Institute (TBHI) has the experience to give you immediately actionable answers.

TBHI can help you organize, prioritize and maximize your telehealth services to augment existing medical or behavioral programs.

TBHI Literally Wrote The Book — Five Books Actually — On Telebehavioral Health Competencies

Marlene Maheu, PhD, is a world-class leader of telebehavioral health research & training. At TBHI, that’s not just talk. Our training has been deployed in 109 countries to over 55,000 providers.

Dr. Maheu has researched, published, and consulted at the forefront of telehealth since 1994. Rest assured, TBHI knows the “ins & outs” of sustainable telehealth and can share them with you.

Being trained increases your value proposition. Are you ready?

We'll Answer All of Your Questions

If you are on this page, you are seeking accurate answers — and fast! Our weekly consultation covers the telebehavioral waterfront, but here’s a sample:

  • Business plan development, including how to scale into other states and countries

  • Telehealth policy writing and vetting

  • Reimbursement – what, when, where and how to increase revenue

  • Cybersecurity & current HIPAA compliance

  • Hardware and software selection & implementation

  • How to handle reluctant staff, tight budgets & timelines

  • State and federal licensing, regulations & credentialing

  • Clinical documentation & compliance

  • Preventing and handling emergencies
Training Your Way - When And How You Need It

 If you need training, our training packages fit any budget and style. We deliver highest quality training one-to-one, as part of a peer group in a variety of packages that best match your needs. Training is also available as a yearly license for your entire team to pick and choose the topic or topics they need, in any order. TBHI’s a la carte menu of courses and 3 certificate levels allows you the freedom to choose what you need, when you need it.

To certify yourself or your group, you can choose any or all of the Board-Certified Telehealth Professional certificates offered by TBHI.

We are more than happy to have an initial call, at no cost to you, to determine which training suits your team best. These are incredible times. We know that your telehealth service are crucial to more than just your bottom line, but we are in it together. How can we help?


Let us show you how. TBHI can clarify the telehealth program development path

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